‘No Man’s Sky’ Rumors: Is ‘Prawn Curry’ the First Clue Related to Update 1.4?


A little while back, the developers of “No Man’s Sky” took players on a long journey involving puzzles and cryptic clues that eventually led to the unveiling and subsequent release of Update 1.3, otherwise known as “Atlas Rises.”

Several obscure clues were provided by the developers, and for what it is worth, it seemed like many players enjoyed figuring out what was going on.

Since the release of Update 1.3, the developers have remained largely silent again, save for releasing a few patches designed to introduce some minor features and improvements.

Things changed recently, however, as director Sean Murray tweeted out something that could be connected to the game, or at least some fans think it may be.

The tweet in question simply reads “Prawn Curry,” and while it is seemingly trivial, there are players who suspect that it is just the first clue connected to the next “No Man’s Sky” update.

Considering how the developers of the game used cryptic clues so much last time around, it is hard to really completely dismiss the notion that “Prawn Curry” is indeed another hint.

Furthermore, as One Angry Gamer noted, Murray typically uses his Twitter account to just talk about the game or retweet things related to it, so there may be an underlying connection between “Prawn Curry” and the space-faring title.

Even if “Prawn Curry” turns out not to be connected to Update 1.4, those two words have still inspired the creation of some content that can currently be seen on the game’s Subreddit.

Also, developers have already hinted previously that they are not done with releasing updates for the game, so whether “Prawn Curry” is relevant or not, players can still expect more content to be added.

In the meantime, “No Man’s Sky” players will continue searching for Update 1.4 clues, and who knows, they may someday even discover the meaning behind “Prawn Curry.”


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