Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Returns Next Week With More New Skins


With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll have probably already gathered that Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event will be returning at some point. And indeed it will be returning from next week, offering new Legendary skins for the likes of Mei, Hanzo, Junkrat and a host of others.

As always, you’ll also be able to unlock last year’s skins too and Blizzard has also been and added some festive cheer to the Black Forest, Kings Row and Hanamura maps. A new mode will also be added for the Winter Wonderland event, called Mei’s Yeti Hunt.

In Mei’s Yeti Hunt, five players all playing as Mei will work together to take down a Yeti, or rather Winston in a special Yeti skin. Whoever’s playing as Winston the Yeti must collect meat power-ups in order to enter Primal Rage mode, enabling him to go from hunted to hunter, able to turn the tables on the team of Meis.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland will be available from 12th December and will presumably run until early in the new year. Find out more in an update from Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan in the video below.


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