‘Overwatch’ update: ‘Winter Wonderland’ to launch on Dec. 12 with new skins and a new Mei arcade mode


Gamers of online multiplayer first-person shooter video game “Overwatch” are excited for the “Winter Wonderland” event of the game. The virtual event will feature a new arcade mode involving a yeti and new skins for several characters.

Blizzard’s video game designer Jeff Kaplan announced the event to be released on Dec. 12 and its entire content. Kaplan said that the event will feature a previous arcade mode and a new one. The “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” mode from last year’s “Winder Wonderland” will return. This mode can be played on its original map the Antartica and also at the Black Forest arena.

Kaplan stated that Mei is a favorite character among “Overwatch” gamers. “We know how much you all love Mei and you love events centered around Mei during Winter Wonderland. So for this year’s Winter Wonderland there will be a new event featuring, yes you guessed it, Mei,” Kaplan explained.

The new mode to be added in the game is titled “Mei’s Yeti Hunt.” The Yeti Hunt will include Winston, the Yeti and five Meis. The goal for the Winston player is to activate his Primal Rage Mode by collecting powerups and at the same time avoiding being killed by the Meis. The Yeti will win if the player is able to defeat enough Meis. The Meis only have one objective, defeat Winston.

Kaplan also mentioned that the event will bring new skins. The designer said, “I know one of your favorite things to talk about whenever we have a seasonal event is new skins. There’s obviously going to be a lot of legendary skins.” Kaplan revealed that an anticipated skin for Hanzo derived from the comics will be added in the event. He also name-dropped Junkrat and Roadhog getting new skins.

The “Winter Wonderland” 2017 event also brings Seasonal Pass for selected maps. Last year’s Seasonal Passes for King’s Row and Hanamura are also coming back this year. Players can also enjoy a Seasonal Pass for the Black Forest map.

Kaplan concluded the announcement with the statement, “This is just a fun, light-hearted way to play in the arcade, blow off some steam, earn some loot boxes and have some fun.”


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