Destiny 2 guide: Masterwork guns


Players have been complaining about duplicate loot in Destiny 2 since it launched. In the game’s latest update,, the developers at Bungie added a new tier of weapon: Masterwork. These are the same guns you’ve used and loved, and they aren’t exclusive to Curse of Osiris. However, now you an upgrade them with fun and useful bonuses.

What they do

Masterwork guns have three special features added onto them. First, they have a kill tracker. Each Masterwork gun can either be Vanguard or Crucible. The Vanguard bonus will track all kills while the Crucible bonus will only track PvP kills. You can check on your kill count by inspecting the gun in your inventory.

Masterworks will also create Orbs of Light when used to get multi-kills. Even better, you can use these Orbs of Light, not just your teammates. This means that whether you’re playing solo or as a group, you’ll always be able to gather Orbs of Light. Since Orbs help you charge your Super faster, Masterworks are a great way to guarantee more Super uses in any given activity.

Finally, Masterworks will gain an additional stat bonus node. These stats can be rerolled as well, allowing you to create the Uriel’s Gift of your dreams.

Players on Reddit have already compiled a list of possible stat bonuses:

  • Blast Radius
  • Handling
  • Impact
  • Magazine
  • Range
  • Reload
  • Stability
  • Velocity

    How to get Masterwork weapons

    Unfortunately, a specific Masterwork is not something you can target and hunt down. Each time you receive a Legendary weapon, there is a small percentage chance for it to be a Masterwork. You can tell if the new weapon you just got is a Masterwork instantly by the gold border around its icon.

    While you can’t go for them specifically, you’ll always have a chance to get one. This includes drops from vendor engrams. If you’re trying to get a bunch of Masterworks quickly, turning in a ton of Gunsmith Materials is a great way to do it.


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