Destiny 2’s Raids Are Telling A Larger Story


In Destiny’s past, the raids have been one-off endgame encounters that send players through a series of trials and boss fights culminating in a final showdown with a big bad. But for Destiny 2’s first raid, Bungie is trying something a little different.

Through the introduction of raid lairs, Destiny 2 is continuing the story of the Leviathan raid by sending players into new areas on the ship. The main raid saw fireteams venture through the main courtyard and proving grounds, before eventually tackling Calus in his throne room.

Will the Real Calus Please Stand Up

Only, as it turns out, this wasn’t Calus, but a mechanical version of the former Cabal leader. Once players beat “Calus” they venture into his treasure vault, where seemingly hundreds of Calus-bots are stored.

It’s a pay-off that many felt lacked a true conclusion and hoped to see expanded on in future Destiny 2 content. And now, based on the new Eater of Worlds raid lair, it appears we may be moving towards some type of major revelation or confrontation.

At the end of the Eater of Worlds raid lair, players are once again sent to the treasure room, only this time things are a little different. If you look around the room you will see that some of the Calus robots are actually gone, implying that some have been used and defeated in Leviathan.

For those that were curious how the timeline between Eater of Worlds and Leviathan works, this is definitive proof that the raid lair takes place after the main raid. It also shows some progress in the raid’s own storyline, which could be further expanded in the game’s second DLC.

DLC 2’s Raid Lair Could Bring Closure

We already know that the second expansion for Destiny 2 will feature an additional raid lair, and most assume this will be another new area in Leviathan. But given what we have now learned about Eater of Worlds it is possible that this second raid lair will bring closure to the whole Leviathan storyline. Perhaps players will finally encounter the real Calus, wherever he may be, and he will have some new info to share.

destiny 2 calus beaten only arc souls

After defeating robo-Calus in Leviathan, the Cabal leader hints that players don’t have the full picture regarding the Traveler, but he doesn’t elaborate any further. At the time it seemed like a dangling story thread that Bungie wouldn’t make good on, but perhaps the plan has been to leave little hints and then deliver a final pay-off.



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