‘Overwatch’ update adds new skins for ‘Winter Wonderland’ event


The first-person shooter “Overwatch” has launched its holiday event, “Winter Wonderland.” The event brings an assortment of Christmas and winter-themed skins to the game’s diverse roster of characters.

Game developer Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the seven legendary skins that are obtainable through the event. The characters Bastion, Ana, Hanzo, Junkrat, Roadhog, Sombra and Soldier 76 are all getting new legendary skins. The seven skins contain a notable blue color scheme.

The new skins will be joined by 12 more legendary skins that are returning from last year’s winter event. These skins are prominently more festive than this year’s selection, and include Scrooge McCree, Nutcracker Zenyatta, Yeti Winston and Santa-clad Torbjörn.

The “Winter Wonderland” event also brings new emotes, highlights, player icons, sprays and character voice lines, most of which are themed around Christmas and winter. Blizzard also announced that all returning winter equipment will be priced at a reduced rate.

Aside from skins and equipment, “Overwatch” players will also see some recognizable changes in the game’s various maps. The King’s Row, Hanamura and Black Forest are all getting some holiday-themed makeovers.

The reimagined Black Forest map will also play host to “Overwatch’s” new limited-time brawl mode, Mei’s Yeti Hunt. In the mode, five players assume the character of Mei. They compete against one another in order to hunt down another player who assumes the character of Winston in his Yeti skin.

While the five Meis hunt for Winston, the latter roams the map to look for power-ups. These can be used to defeat his hunters. The game ends when enough Meis have been defeated, or if Winston is killed.


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