Ghost Recon Wildlands Second GHOST WAR Update, The “JUNGLE STORM” DLC


Ubisoft shared all the info ghost recon fans needs to know about the upcoming Jungle Storm DLC on their official website. Read a quick rundown of all the important updates below:

Ranked mode: Available at level 15, ranked mode will challenge ghosts to climb the ranks from bronze to elite.

New classes: Pathfinder, a marksman class who can stay undetected in battle, with the main weapon of a crossbow and Predator, described as a ‘versatile frontline fighter’ who is equipped with either an M16 or MG121.

New maps for elimination and uplink:
Jungle base
– Ruins
– Scrapyard
– Urban Incursion

This update also includes players stats page, a quit penalty system, character customization presets and a ton of new improvements and bug fixes.


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