‘Rocket League’ News: Physical Copies for Nintendo Switch To Be Released in January 2018


The release of the highly requested physical copies of “Rocket League” for the Nintendo Switch was recently confirmed and will happen early next year.

In a recent announcement, developer Psyonix confirmed that they will be selling physical copies of the game in January 2018 in various schedules for different regions around the world. It also provided the exact release dates per country so Nintendo Switch owners can now set an alarm on when to pay their local retailer a visit.

The earliest release will happen in North America on Tuesday, Jan. 16. Switch players in Australia and New Zealand are getting the product on Wednesday, Jan. 24, followed by a launch in Central Europe on Thursday, Jan. 25.

Lastly, “Rocket League” fans in other parts of Europe, Israel, Middle East, Russia, and South Africa are getting the game’s physical copies on Friday, Jan. 26.

Psyonix also reminded players in Europe to contact their go-to video game retailers and confirm the availability of the “Rocket League” physical copies.

Meanwhile, Psyonix addressed why the “Rocket League” physical copies for the Nintendo Switch were priced higher by $10 compared to what it cost on other consoles. The company explained: “As much as we tried to keep the retail price down, the reality of the Switch’s increased cartridge manufacturing costs meant that the MSRP had to be higher as well.”

However, it is important to note that the physical copy of the game will be released as a Collector’s Edition, which costs $39.99. On the plus side, it contains all of the downloadable contents released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. So, apart from the base game, Switch players will also receive the DLC cars, namely the Aftershock, Marauder, Esper, and Masamune.

Aside from the exclusive Super Mario-themed car, Switch players will be getting the car designed after DC Comics’ “The Flash.” The Collector’s Edition also comes with the Supersonic Fury and Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC packs as well as the limited-edition cover art.


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