PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Goes Live On PC Today – Here’s When


The phenomenon that is PUBG has built into a hulking monster this year, taking over the PC platform in ways we’ve not seen a game do in quite some time. It has just seen an early access version release onto Xbox, but the PC version is ready to make the jump to a ‘finished’ state. While the game will continue to see update and content drops, 1.0 is here.

It will go live a little later on today as PlayerUnknown posted himself on Twitter. It seems the team is really pushing the release date, as for a lot of the world, the game won’t be playable in 1.0 until tomorrow.

It’s exciting to see the game coming out of early access after all this. As someone who has sunk hundreds of hours into the game at this point, seeing the vastly improved performance, new map, replay system and vaulting hitting the game will be a big boost. He’s hoping it is a clean launch.


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