When is the Pokémon Go Christmas Event 2017 and are new Gen 3 Pokemon like Delibird and Stantler involved?


When is the Pokémon Go Christmas event 2017?

Although it’s not confirmed yet, it is expected that Pokémon Go’s Christmas Event will launch on December 25. This was the date that last year’s event was launched.

It appears that Pikachu will be back in his Santa hat so be sure to log in to make sure you can catch the seasonal electric-type.

Is Delibird going to be released on Pokémon Go?

Another Christmas treat looks to be joining the Pokémon Go ranks this winter season.

According to dataminers, who have examined the latest update for the game, moves related to Delibird are in the source code.

Delibird might have been delayed due to the complicated nature of one of the moves found in the code, ‘Present.’

Present is a move that will randomly either heal or attack the opponent and it’s not yet clear how this move will work in the game.

 Delibird is expected to join the Pokémon Go line-up this Christmas.

Delibird is expected to join the Pokémon Go line-up this Christmas.

Will there be more Ice Pokémon?

With the release of their new weather feature, it would make sense if there are going to be more Ice-type Pokémon.

However, Niantic have said previously that they would not be creating false weather effects in the game. This means that if it’s not snowing outside, they won’t make it snow in the game.

That said, it seems likely that the Christmas Event will lead to an increased amount of Ice-type Pokémon regardless.

Are there new EX Raids?

New invites for EX Raids have been sent out and they have been scheduled for Christmas Day.

This leads to further speculation that the Christmas Event will be released on December 25.

Which Generation 3 Pokémon are available and what’s in the latest update?

Fifty brand new Pocket Monsters are beginning to appear on screens around the world including Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.

The update will also see the game reflect real-life weather patterns whereever you are.

The weather will also change what types of Pokémon you will see – for example, if it is raining you will be more likely to see a Mudkip than when it’s sunny.

Here’s the full list of Pokémon available in the latest update with their Pokémon number followed by their name:

  • 252. Treecko (Starter)
  • 253. Grovyle
  • 254. Sceptile
  • 255. Torchic (Starter)
  • 256. Combusken
  • 257. Blaziken
  • 258. Mudkip (Starter)
  • 259. Marshtomp
  • 260. Swampert
  • 261. Poochyena
  • 262. Mightyena
  • 263. Zigzagoon
  • 264. Linoone
  • 265. Wurmple
  • 266. Silcoon
  • 277. Beautifly
  • 268. Cascoon
  • 269. Dustox
  • 273. Seedot
  • 274. Nuzleaf
  • 275. Shiftry
  • 280. Ralts
  • 281. Kirlia
  • 282. Gardevoir
  • 285. Shroomish
  • 286. Breloom
  • 287. Slakoth
  • 288. Vigoroth
  • 289. Slaking
  • 296. Makuhita
  • 297. Hariyama
  • 298. Azurill
  • 300. Skitty
  • 301. Delcatty
  • 303. Mawile
  • 307. Meditite
  • 308. Medicham
  • 309. Electrike
  • 310. Manectric
  • 311. Plusle (region exclusive)
  • 312. Minun (region exclusive)
  • 316. Gulpin
  • 317. Swalot
  • 325. Spoink
  • 326. Grumpig
  • 335. Zangoose (region exclusive)
  • 336. Seviper (region exclusive)
  • 359. Absol
  • 360. Wynaut


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