Overwatch – The Best Heroes in Each Class – Best Offense, Defense, Tank, Support Heroes


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Each of the 21 heroes in Overwatch have their own unique skills that make them viable in one way or another. However, there are some heroes that consistently play a critical role for their team regardless of team composition. Master the heroes in this guide so that you can always fall back on these reliable options when selecting characters to balance your team. 

More often than not, players will be selecting heroes based on personal preference and familiarity. However, the character selection phase does not necessarily determine the success of your team. Counter picking and hero swapping mid-match is a key element of Overwatch. Try to create a balanced team from the beginning, but be prepared to adapt to the context of a match by switching to different heroes mid-game. 

Best Overwatch Offense Heroes


Based on the latest Overwatch hero meta report, McCree is one of the top ranking offensive characters. That doesn’t mean he is necessarily perfect for every situation, but a proficient McCree player can definitely turn the tides of battle. Playing an effective McCree requires quick reaction time, good positioning, and lots of practice. His mobility isn’t great, which means you’ll need to be ready for hair-trigger situations, especially since he’s best used at close range. Focus on squishy opponents, and toss his Flashbang to stun a target before shooting. With a bit of practice, McCree is a valuable asset to any team. 

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is a great starter pick for anyone new to Overwatch. He wields a rapid-fire Heavy Pulse Rifle as his primary weapon, which deals decent damage at both close and mid-range. Anyone who is familiar with FPS mechanics will easily be comfortable playing as Soldier 76. A well-timed shot with his Helix Rockets can deal significant damage even to tank characters. Although he is an offensive hero, Soldier 76 can even heal himself and nearby allies by dropping his Biotic Field. Additional heals are always a good thing. 

Best Overwatch Defense Heroes


As the primary sniper of Overwatch, Widowmaker is the total package. While aiming down sight with her Widow’s Sniper, she can nearly one-shot most characters, especially when charged. Her Grappling Hook offers great mobility, allowing her to post up high on beams and ledges. Most players won’t notice Widowmaker until it’s too late. If an opponent does happen to reach her location, her Widow’s Kiss machine gun can mow down the opposition pretty quickly. Widowmaker is particularly deadly, especially with a Bastion or another hero around for protection. 

Best Overwatch Tank Heroes


When it comes to blocking damage and shielding teammates, Reinhardt is the way to go. His massive Shield acts as a frontal barrier for absorbing incoming damage, and is large enough for other teammates to huddle behind. He’s most effective on the front lines, soaking up damage for his team while escorting a payload. His Rocket Hammer swings slow, but packs a powerful blow, especially when combined with his Charge ability. Most team comps will benefit from having a Reinhardt, so be sure to rally behind his Shield when given the opportunity. 

Best Overwatch Support Heroes


Lucio is one of the best support characters in Overwatch. His abilities allow for dynamic gameplay while also providing plenty of support utility for his teammates. Lucio truly shines in a collaborative team environment. By toggling Crossfade, Lucio offers movement speed and healing buff auras to nearby allies, allowing teammates to quickly recover and get back into the fight. His Sound Barrier ultimate grants all nearby teammates a temporary shield, perfect for team pushes or last-second captures. His mobility is off the wall (quite literally), allowing Lucio to flank opponents and help his team rush forward. 


Mercy is practically an enhanced version of the TF2 Medic. A good Mercy player will know how to quickly link between teammates with the Caduceus Staff to keep allies healthy, or imbue them with a damage buff. If your team is in dire need of a healer, switch to Mercy to keep as many teammates healed as possible. Stay close to allies and be prepared to Resurrect them at a moment’s notice. Mercy is a less aggressive support than Lucio, but she offers the right amount of sustain to pick up her team when things are going south. 


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