‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ Xbox One Patch Fixes Bugs, Improves Performance


The Xbox One release of “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” has been going quite smoothly with only a few minor issues to worry about. Bluehole sought to address some of these in a recent patch that introduced a number of changes and fixes to the console version of the game.

In a recent forum post by the game’s development team, they revealed the details of the Xbox One version’s latest patch. These included gameplay and user interface tweaks, visual and performance improvements, a series of bug fixes, adding that this is just the
“first of many” updates coming to the game.

In terms of gameplay, players will now be able to utilize gas while on bike or bike with sidecar while on the UI side of things, a number of visual improvements as well as indicators have been added to improve the overall experience.

A number of improvements in renderings and animation were also introduced along with tweaks to the some in-game controls. The patch also added improved anti-aliasing on Xbox One and Xbox One S as well as localization updates for Vietnamese and Spanish.

Coupled with a number of bug fixes, the patch is expected to give marginal improvement to “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.” Hopefully though, some major issues such as improved free-look and map functionality will be addressed in future patches in order to bring the Xbox One version in line with the game’s PC iteration.

Bluehole has yet to announce anything regarding cross-platform play or the fact that the console version is locked at 30 frames per second. Hopefully, these will also be addressed prior to the game coming out of the Xbox One Game Preview program.

The “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” PC version recently launched its v 1.0 update adding 3D replay along with a number of other features. The v 1.0 launch also brings “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” closer to leaving Steam Early Access where it has been quietly building its player base since its release back in March.

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