Pokemon Go Christmas event: Gen 3 uncovered, as Incubators, festive Pikachu RETURN

Pokemon Go fans have uncovered fresh secrets about the upcoming Christmas event.

According to a leak on the Taiwanese Google Play store (via Pokemon Go News), the Pokemon Go Christmas event contains new and returning bonuses.

As previously reported, the Christmas event will coincide with the release of Delibird, as well as new Gen 3 Pokemon.

Trainers who missed out on last year’s event will once again be able to capture Festive Pikachu, complete with Santa hat.

Special boxes will once again be available from the in-game store, and are said to include Incubators.

This suggests that the free Incubators included in last year’s event won’t make return.

More intriguing is the mention of a mysterious new “Starpiece” item.

You can take a look at the next batch of Gen 3 Pokemon in the gallery below…

Hardcore Pokemon Go fans recently discovered more than 20 new Gen 3 Pokemon in the latest update files.

The new Gen 3 Pokemon are primarily of the Water and Ice variety, which would tie in to a Christmas event.

This includes Ice type Pokemon such as Walden, Glalie, Sealeo and Snorunt.

In the meantime, iPhone users have been treated to a brand new update that adds new augmented reality features.

The new AR+ augmented reality features will be available on devices running iOS 11. This includes the iPhone 6S and newer models.

As part of the new update, Pokemon will be more accurately positioned based on their surroundings, while their size will increase or decrease depending on how close you are.

Even better is that players can now capture Pokemon in a number of different ways.

“AR+ mode also adds new dynamic gameplay to Pokemon GO encounters that will provide Trainers with more ways to catch Pokemon,” Niantic explains.

“Trainers can now get closer to a Pokemon to receive a special capture bonus, but Pokemon are aware of the physical proximity of Trainers, so they must approach carefully as they may flee if a person comes too close too quickly.

“Getting closer to a Pokemon using AR+ has unique gameplay benefits, including being awarded the new Expert Handler bonus, which provides more XP and Stardust.”


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