Pokemon GO Is Now Available With AR+


Pokémon Go has been a terrific game to play. Catching all kinds of Pokémon on your smartphone in your different surroundings seems like a great game to enjoy. Especially for the Pokémon enthusiasts.

Catching the Pokémon has been the premises of the hit anime show and getting into the action seemed like the next best thing to being in the show. The players could also use the Pokémon they caught in battle with the other players.

Even with such an interactive base, something always seemed alack. The animated versions of the Pokémon were just not enough after some time and the players and enthusiasts needed more from the platform.

As if their wish had been granted, Apple introduced the AR+ technology in this year’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone 10 and iPad.

The AR+ features enables the users to incorporate the virtual reality into real life scenes and that gave Niantic Labs to use the ARKit framework from Apple to bring a more believable interactive base for players.

The ARKit framework has allowed the Niantic developers to make more realistic and interactive Pokémon which are suited to the size and appearance of the real Pokémon.

While the announcement harkens a new age for Pokémon Go players, it is not yet perfect. The developer will need some time to fully execute the correct image quality of the Pokémon, so they can be incorporated easily in the real life environment.


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