Pokémon Go’s Winter Event Adds More Gen 3 Ice and Water Types


As of today, Pokémon Go‘s winter event is now live, and with it comes a bunch of new and returning creatures.

If you missed “Santa Hat Pikachu” last winter, you’ll be pleased to know he’s back and catchable in the game. Since last year’s winter event, Pichu has been added to the game, which means that this year, you should be able to hatch a Santa Hat Pichu too. In order to help with getting that particular Christmas-themed hatch, until Christmas day you’ll get a free single use incubator the first time you visit a Pokéstop each day.

Today’s update also adds Star Pieces to the game, a new item that awards bonus stardust for 30 minutes, and a bunch of new water and ice type Pokémon from Gen 3, including Sharpedo, Snorunt, Feebas, Wailmer, Relicanth, and Milotic. Additionally, it’s implied by the new splash screen that Kyogre will be the next legendary raid after Groudon.

Right, I know it’s cold and bleak outside in British winter, but get out there and get catching. Go, do the thing.


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