BAC Stock: Bank of America closing branches in South Hadley, Easthampton


Bank of America has told customers it will close branch offices in South Hadley and Easthampton March 27, 2018, staffers at the two branches confirmed Tuesday.

Both buildings — 487 Newton St. in South Hadley and 52 Main St. in Easthampton — are owned by Bank of America, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to town records in each of those communities.

The Easthampton office was the main branch of the First National Bank of Easthampton before becoming part of Baybank in 1979. Baybank became Fleet in 1997. Fleet merged with Bank of America in 2004.

The office was built in 1952. Its building and half-acre of land are assessed at $1 million.

The South Hadley location was a former Amherst Savings Bank built in 1969. It became part of Heritage Bank for Savings in 1982 and then part of Fleet in 1992 when Heritage failed. Then, like the Easthampton location, the South Hadley Fleet became part of Bank of America in 2004.

The building and half-acre of land are assessed at $502,000.

The closings are a continuation of a trend that has also seen the closing of Bank of America locations in Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield as more customers bank at automatic teller machines and use mobile apps and online portals.


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