‘Destiny 2’ news: Players revolt against devs due to loot boxes


Christmas was not as warm as the developers of “Destiny 2” had expected from its player base, as the newest Holiday loot crates introduced to the first-person shooter (FPS) has created an uproar.

The community of “Destiny 2” is now flooding the forums with demands and protests for the removal of the game’s Eververse system. The said feature introduces weapons in the in-game marketplace which can be obtained through real-world money. This adds a layer of pay-to-win mechanics in the game and consequently favors players who can pay more.

Now, the forum page of “Destiny 2” is full of threads seeking the removal of the Eververse system with some even having thousands of replies, meaning the players are actively engaging in the community outburst. Right now, the forums of “Destiny 2” have very little space for any other topics.

What aggravated the community’s disdain for the Eververse system is the Dawning Holiday event for the game, where the usual loot boxes called Bright Engrams that can be obtained through vigorous work in-game do not work in the said event. This forces players to purchase the items being offered in the Dawning, which are already expensive as is.

A Reddit user named Plummyr has even calculated the cost of purchasing all available Dawning items somewhere between $100 to $370, depending on the player’s luck. Had “Destiny 2” been a free-to-play game, this would’ve had less backlash, but as it is, the FPS is already a $60 title. It does seem that the Dawning event from Eververse in “Destiny 2” was also just the developers goading the players into spending real-world money for the game’s Silver currency, which can then be used to purchase the in-game items.

In light of the community disapproval, Christopher Barrett, “Destiny 2’s” Game Director, has stated that changes are coming to the Eververse and Dawning systems. However, he did not specify what kind of changes they were but has assured the community that their feedback regarding Eververse will be respected. This means changes are due either by the end of the year or immediately next year.


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