‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’ News: What Fans Need to Know About the Upcoming Open Beta


An open beta will go live for “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” early next year, and it is one that many fans are already looking forward to.

To be more specific, the open beta will start on Jan. 12 and will run for more than a week before ending on Jan. 21.

The open beta is going to be made accessible to players in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, additional details about it beyond the ones mentioned above have yet to be provided.

Still, if the open beta that is set to go live in North America and Europe will be similar to the one that has already been made accessible to fans in Japan, then a recent report from Gematsu may be able to shed more light on what the testing will feature.

According to that report, the beta taking place in Japan includes the three-on-three online-based Class Matches. There are two types of Class Matches – solo and party – and both are featured in the beta.

Rush battles are also included in the beta, and these are very similar to the Class Matches with the main difference being players will take on CPU-controlled characters instead of ones directed by other fans.

Customization is also included in the open beta, and using this feature, players can tinker with the elements of the game such as EX Skills and character skins.

The “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” beta in Japan also allows participants to obtain treasures that contain character skins, player icons and chat symbols among other things.

Story mode is also included, and for those interested in learning more about the game’s overarching narrative, they can check out the story trailer provided by the developers that has been embedded below.


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