‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Tips: Making the Best Out of the Miramar Map


The last addition to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” before it came out of Steam Early Access was the Miramar map. It arrived with new weapons and new vehicles that could give gamers an advantage when used well.

As a map, Miramar sports unique characteristics that affects how the game is played. But when players take the time to be familiar with these features, these could work to their advantage.

On the surface, Miramar looks like a map designed on mostly desert land. However, according to Polygon, the map also has several cities that are made up of many buildings, and a number of these structures are said to be home to a variety of resources like weapons.

While this is generally a good thing, Polygon noted that this could also mean that areas in Miramar with many buildings may be populated by other players just waiting for the right time to gun down their opponents. On this note, players are advised to take the time to scan the Miramar map before starting the game. By doing this, they will get the chance to check all the recommended drop spots before joining the action.

Since Miramar is mostly made up of desert land, this also means there will be a lot of wide open areas with no cover in sight. Continuously running through it wildly could mean a player will an easy, open target for others. To avoid this situation, gamers should take the time to hide behind available cover and plan the safest way to get from point A to point B without being exposed too much.

The Miramar map also comes with three vehicles unique to it. According to GameSpot, the pickup truck will probably be the most useful to gamers. The map also features a minibus that will reportedly be relevant during squad games but players should expect it to move at a much slower pace. The third vehicle is a jetski.

“PUBG” version 1.0 is now available on PC while the Xbox Game Preview version has been released this month as well.


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