TSLA Stock: Tesla Supercharger expansion was exponential in 2017, though the automaker won’t quite pull off its goal


Tesla broke records this year with its Supercharger expansion. The automaker really didn’t have a choice since moving into 2018 there will begin to be a significant increase in Tesla vehicles on the road. Now that it appears Model 3 production is moving along, the goal of doubling Superchargers needs to stay near the top of Tesla’s list.

According to Electrek, the Silicon Valley electric car maker added some ~3,150 Superchargers across the globe throughout the year. The units reside in about 350 new station location. Opening the year, Tesla was owner to about 5,000 Superchargers at 770 locations, with a goal to make that number double. The goal will likely be hit very soon, but not quite yet.

Today, Tesla sits around the 8,250 mark for single Superchargers. Global stations have now reached 1,120. These numbers are up around 40 percent for 2017, with a handful of days left in the year. It’s pretty clear that 50 percent won’t happen, but with the automaker’s end-of-the-year push, we’ll see a number up over 40 percent. It all depends on how quickly Tesla can wrap up work on a number of locations that appear to be nearly complete.

Being that the Tesla fell way behind on Model 3 production this year, the additional stations grew much more than needed when factoring in fleet growth. Also, while expansion outside of the U.S. is welcome and always necessary, the large number of Model 3 reservations throughout the globe won’t be filled for quite some time, so Tesla will just be one step ahead when it comes to getting charging infrastructure in place.


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