We’re getting another Elder Scrolls Online beta event


With the lifting of the NDA for Elder Scrolls Online, many wondered if we’d get a chance to take part in another beta event before the game’s April 4th launch on PC and Mac. Today, we have our answer, and it’s one fans of the game should enjoy.

@Silvaz3 asked the game’s official Twitter account if they could have a beta event this weekend. To (what I assume to be) everyone’s shock, there was a reply.

What’s interesting regarding the Tweet is that @TESOnline used a period before replying to the question. This was done to ensure that everyone would be available to view the Tweet. Normally, when a user on Twitter sends out a reply, it doesn’t show up in a public Twitter feed to everyone following the account; you’d have to directly view the profile.

Bethesda is clearly planning something big, but what is it? An open beta? One last closed beta to help prepare for the game’s release? We’ll find out “very soon.”


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