Tom Clancy’s The Division Continuation Massive Entertainment In the Lots Of Space


Recently, in an interview between David Polfeldt, managing director of Massive Entertainment and IGN, he mentioned that they have plans for supporting the game for as long as possible given that the players stay devoted to the game. He also added that keeping their focus on the original, doesn’t mean that there is no possibility of a sequel.

From this, we can assume that the studio has plans for expanding the game and giving it a sequel.

He also said, “I think of [supporting the game and players] as kind of a relationship. As long as you go to another date with your gamers and you feel pretty excited about it, and they seem to be excited too, that’s not when you stop dating”

Though the studio might have plans for a sequel, at present their primary focus is keeping The Division Online fresh.

“The way we see it is that our first obligation is to make The Division awesome. That’s not something that ended on launch day,” Polfeldt said. “If it ever ends, who knows when right?”

He further added, “I do think we are much closer today, especially after [Update] 1.8, to the game that we wanted to create, and also to the game that gamers were expecting at launch already.”

We can conclude that there is a chance that we will see The Division 2 in the future but, for now, the developers are more focused on making The Division as they imagined it to be.


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