Destiny 2′ News, Update: Eververse Decry Continues as Weekly Update Rolls In


Destiny 2″ players continue to express their displeasure toward Eververse.

While issues on microtransactions are not new to the game since it has been plagued with such since launch, how Bungie decided to handle things in The Dawning Event became the last straw for the community.

Majority of the loot items added to “Destiny 2” for the winter live event were thrown into the premium marketplace, basically requiring players to shell out real-world money.

When comparing that to the items that players can unlock by putting in the time and work, it cannot be denied how lopsided things are.

Thinking Bungie is just being greedy now, the gamers were out in full force for Christmas and took to the forums of the game to demand the removal of Eververse. One user writes:

Remove the cynical and intended exploitation of players wallets by removing Eververse preferably by creating a Strike to deal with her demise. We need to see her head rolling on the floor at Strike completion.

At least 20 pages on the forums and counting are complaints from gamers, making sure that Bungie takes notice. The studio is yet to respond though, but the demand is definitely overwhelming.

The developer is yet to respond at the time of writing so players continue to flood the forums with Eververse posts. Some gamers are not happy by the way the rest are voicing their issues though.

Others, however, believe that there is no way “Destiny 2” will get rid of Eververse. The best case scenario is that the prices will be decreased.

In the middle of the controversy, however, Bungie did the routine weekly reset, taking players to Pyramidion. The modifiers — Torrent and Timewarp: Zero Hour — remain unchanged though.

“Destiny 2” challenges for this week include Speed of Dark, which tasks the fireteam to finish the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining on the clock.

There is also Unbroken, in which players should complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths, and Siege Engine, where players prevent Brakion from being shield for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.

This week, “Destiny 2” brings Flashpoint to Nessus, requires players to complete three Heroic Strikes, the Lord Shaxx Crucible milestone for Call to Arms. The Raid Rotation is as follows: pleasure gardens, baths (royal pools), gauntlet and then emperor calus.


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