Final Fantasy Ride Coming to Universal Studios Japan


Japan always seems to get the best things. Starting on January 19, those who visit Universal Studios Japan will have a chance to check out the Final Fantasy XR Ride. This (virtual) roller coaster ride will give patrons a chance to live out their Final Fantasy… er… fantasies by immersing them in a unique virtual reality experience. According to Kotaku, the ride is Space Fantasy The Ride but repurposed with VR headsets. The ride is for a limited time only, so you may want to plan a quick trip to Japan in order to check it out.

The Final Fantasy XR Ride is part of Universal Studios Japan’s yearly Cool Japan event. A trailer for the ride was released. We see a woman riding on a futuristic-looking vehicle as she witness Cloud and Sephiroth having a duel in mid-air. Sephiroth then gets in the woman’s face because, well, he’s Sephiroth. We also get to see shots of Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar city and a flock of Chocobo running across an open field. I’m not sure if this trailer accurately depicts what attendees will get to experience, but it certainly looks intriguing.

“Universal Studios Japan will be holding the Universal Cool Japan 2018 event for a limited time only, from January 19, 2018 to June 24, 2018. At this event, the worlds of five top Japanese entertainment brands chosen from internationally-praised manga, anime, games, music, and fashion will come together and be reproduced on an unprecedented scale with intense reality and world-class quality. Furthermore, the world’s first “XR” Ride will be introduced at this event, offering an super real experience. Universal Studios Japan will popularizes world-class Japanese entertainment across the globe, while delivering the best entertainment in the world to its guests.”


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