‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ news: Producer answers very few questions regarding the game


Details concerning the remake of “Final Fantasy VII” for PlayStation 4 remained scarce after it was officially announced in 2015.

Fans who have been expecting announcements regarding the game were left in disappointment after nothing was heard about the game’s development during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which took place in June.

Details regarding the game’s battle system, which according to Square Enix will be similar to that of “Final Fantasy XV,” were revealed during the Monaco Anime Game International Conference 2017 in February, but no news regarding the game’s official release was made.

The hosts of EDAMAME Arcade channel on YouTube decided to take matters into their own hands by inviting “Final Fantasy” producer Yoshinori Kitase for a short Q & A that took place in Shinagawa’s Gotanda Station.

However, even in the interview, Kitase was very selective in giving answers to the questions that hosts Tom Lee and Kabukin asked, and he very cautiously chose the words he would use whenever he answered — as if he was very careful not to let anything major slip.

Kitase answered the question whether the classic turn-based battle system will ever return for games beyond “Final Fantasy VII,” to which he replied that such is very unlikely as it has already been announced that the remake will be adapting a combat system resembling “Final Fantasy XV’s.”

This will be good news for fans that have grown used to “XV’s” battle system. It is already quite intriguing to see Cloud Strife cleaving enemies in half with his buster sword in a real-time hack and slash environment as opposed to the classic turn-based system of the original. Gamers would also finally be able to see his “Limit Breaks” from an entirely different point of view.

The only other time that Kitase answered a question regarding the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” was when he confirmed that the game took place in the same setting as that of “Final Fantasy X,” which drew excitement from the hosts.

Kitase closed the interview by guaranteeing the fans that he is working very hard to finish the remake, and that his development team grew up playing and loving the original “Final Fantasy VII” game so they have the same passion to develop the remake into the very best game possible.


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