Bethesda ‘more ambitious than ever’ with Fallout 4


It’s been five years since the last installment of Bethesda’s Fallout series — Fallout: New Vegas — was released. While there was certainly no shortage of rumors and speculation between then and today’s official reveal of Fallout 4, we have to wonder what took Bethesda so long?

If comments made by game director Todd Howard are any indication, the pressure to deliver a game that met the lofty expectations of such a highly anticipated required time.

“We know what this game means to everyone,” said Howard, who will serve as game director for Fallout 4 at Bethesda Game Studios. “The time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever.”

“We’ve never been more excited about a game, and we can’t wait to share it,” he said.

Fallout 4 was officially announced today for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A trailer comprised of in-game footage was released alongside the announcement. Without seeing actual gameplay, though, it’s hard to know exactly how ambitious Bethesda will be with Fallout.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until world premiere of Fallout 4 during Bethesda’s E3 Showcase on June 14th for more details. The event begins at 7:00pm PST and will be streamed worldwide on Twitch and YouTube.


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