Nintendo Switch Breaks Record Previously Held By PS2


Previously, the PlayStation 2 was the fastest selling console for first-year sales in Japan. It seems that the PS2 has officially been replaced with the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has yet to make any official comment. The data comes from weekly Japanese sales, so it seems reliable enough.

The sales reports come from Media Create, a Japanese company that studies the market in the entertainment industry. It reports that the Switch sold 3,258,083 units, whereas the PlayStation 2 had 3,016,622 units sold in its first year. While it was extremely close, many fans may feel that the Switch was a worthy usurper of the title. Check out the chart below for the month-by-month sales comparison.It is worth noting that Nintendo has yet to make a comment concerning this data; however, gamers may witness some form of acknowledgment in the coming days. Moreover, this sales data does not compare to Nintendo’s ambitious forecast for Switch sales in the 2018 fiscal year. Whether or not Nintendo meets that goal remains to be seen, but if its first-year sales are any indication, it may very well succeed.


One of the Switch’s strengths is the possibility to play as both a handheld and on-screen console. It is unknown how this unique feature may have affected the Switch’s sales, but its potential also allows for a greater degree of design in the console. This potential may be why Nintendo is considering new colors and designs for the Joy-Cons, which may attract many more buyers in the coming years.

However, not everything is perfect in the world of the Switch. While its original production issues may no longer be a concern in some areas, the Switch is facing major issues concerning its online services. Delay after delay has occurred, and it seems likely that Fall 2018 is the earliest gamers may see the Virtual Console become available (although there are some free services available).

It is a serious accomplishment for the Nintendo Switch to surpass the PlayStation 2, and hopefully, its future is just as successful. New designs and minor fixes may help the Switch with its sales for the coming years, and maybe it will meet its sales goals. Still, this is an achievement that should make Nintendo proud.


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