Fallout 4 VR Brings Pain To Fallout 5 Development, Here’s Why


A quick Google search will tell you that it takes about 2-10 years for a new Fallout video game to get produced and this can be difficult for Fallout fans to cope with when anticipating Fallout 5.

This is because the release range suggests that Fallout 5 may debut in 2025 and plenty of signs have strengthened this potential outcome. Just by looking at Bethesda today, you will see that the developer is busy with a number of huge projects, namely Fallout 4 VR.

Bethesda has revealed before that they wouldn’t rest until a full virtual reality experience of Fallout 4 gets released and it is expected to happen somewhere in late 2018 or early 2019.

Once that is done, Bethesda is likely to move onto the development of their new RPG-themed IP which they plan to bring out before 2020. Upon doing so, Bethesda will then start work on the next Elder Scrolls game which may eat up many more years.

At this rate, we may see Fallout 5 being the subject of Bethesda no earlier than 2023 and the full game will only come out in 2025. But of course, this is based on logical thinking and we certainly hope that it won’t be the case.


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