Nintendo Switch’s Final Fantasy XV Holding Back Kingdom Hearts 3?


Final Fantasy XV got released earlier this year and it led many to start looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3. This cannot be helped as Square Enix once said that they will give Kingdom Hearts 3’s development their undivided attention once they are done with Final Fantasy XV.

But today, the mood has headed south when Square Enix decided to talk more about Final Fantasy XV. Just when many thought that the attention will be on Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix revealed about FFXV’s plans to port into the Nintendo Switch.

The move is expected to happen next year and the worst part about it is that Square Enix will follow it up with a Final Fantasy video game for the mobile platform. If that is going to be the case, it is not at all wrong to think that Kingdom Hearts 3’s release date has been pushed further behind.

We certainly hope that this is not the case and Square Enix has truly moved on with the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. The company is huge hence they don’t need a big team to manage a game port or a mobile title development.


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