No Man’s Sky Returned From The Dark To Claim Award!


About a year ago, Hello Games successfully turned No Man’s Sky into a massive hype prior to the game’s release. Unfortunately for the gamers however, No Man’s Sky didn’t hit their expectations and it resulted in the majority blasting both the game and the game developer.

A number of promised features never made it into the finalized game and this is why gamers are furious at Hello Games. The roasting of No Man’s Sky was loud during the game’s first couple of months in the market but Hello Games remained quiet over it.

They only revealed on a number of patches coming to No Man’s Sky and true enough, each patch launched added in new contents into the sci-fi themed title.

Today, No Man’s Sky is still missing the features which many are interested to have but the playable state of the game as well as incline in rich contents have got the active players remaining loyal to it.

We can add PCGamer to that list of active gamers on No Man’s Sky because they had just announced the game as their winner for Ongoing Game Award. If you trust every word on PCGamer, then perhaps you should start giving No Man’s Sky a try.


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