Overwatch Competitive Season 8: 5 Best Heroes To Use


Another season of Overwatch is here so naturally, players will be flooding the competitive game mode to test and prove their skills. There are a lot of different characters that players can choose from, so deciding who to use this season can be tricky. This is especially true for newcomers who just picked up the game or have avoided the competitive bracket. Sadly, not all heroes are created equal in competitive Overwatch. Now, this isn’t to say that users can perform well on any of the characters in the game, just some are more versatile and adaptable than others.

When deciding upon our list we took into consideration the recent buffs/nerfs, that heroes function in the meta, and the overall functionality of that character on a team. If you are new to Overwatch or looking to pick up a new character for the season, here are our top 5 choices along with some honorable mentions.


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