Reddit Users Found A Glimmer Farming Cap On Destiny 2


If you’re not playing Destiny 2, Glimmer is the in-game currency used to buy all sorts of items, so natural people tend to store their credits and get something big later on down the line. According to a Reddit post this weekend, someone discovered that there is a cap as to how much Glimmer you can score. Below is a snippet from the post, but how do you feel about the cap?

I don’t know if this is news to anyone but I did three tests to confirm it in the EDZ where Devrim is, and one on Titan. There are tons of enemies to kill when the fallen and cabal “move against each other” so it was rather easy. Once you gain a certain amount of glimmer (400ish?), the currency stops coming until you refrain from killing anything for a while. If you take a break for a moment, the next glimmer cap is even smaller (mine stopped at 200 after a 20 second rest).


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