Universal Studios Japan gets a ‘Final Fantasy’-themed ride


The “Final Fantasy” franchise has been alive for more than three decades now, and a big part of it is thanks to the millions of support from fans over the years. The game has seen different media forms such as movies, shows, figurines, and more. Now, fans can expect to see more of it in real life, as Universal Studios Japan is reportedly opening a “Final Fantasy”-themed ride.

The recent announcement was followed by a short trailer featuring the “Final Fantasy” series, mainly “Final Fantasy VII” with characters Sephiroth and Cloud. The ride in question would apparently be a virtual reality (VR) ride named “Final Fantasy XR,” as per Gameinformer.

As such, people will have to strap on a VR helmet and sit on a ride that moves aligned to what is happening in the VR. As the trailer shows, it may likely have a fight between Sephiroth and Cloud. Also, riders will be able to get up close with Sephiroth, go on a trip alongside chocobos, and marvel at the sights of Midgar.

In addition, Universal Studios Japan actually has released a number of themed-rides all inspired by anime or games. These include “Sailor Moon,” “Detective Conan,” and the “Monster Hunter” series. While these rides may be temporary, they are actually pairing up with Nintendo to make a new permanent game section of the theme park.

According to Cinema Blend, it will be called “Super Nintendo World,” and as people can likely guess, it will have different rides and attractions all from the Nintendo brand. Again, this will only be available in Japan. As for the “Final Fantasy” ride, since it is a temporary ride, it may be moving to other Universal Studios, although nothing has been said about this yet.


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