Rainbow Six Siege Chimera: operators, release date, Outbreak – everything we know


Rainbow Six Siege is clearly hitting its stride. 2017 saw the tactical shooter hit 25 million players and break the esteemed 100,000 concurrent players milestone on Steam, which is incredible considering it started the year with roughly a fifth of that.

With the game now entering its third year, Ubisoft are celebrating by delivering the most interesting and game-changing season yet in the form of Rainbow Six Siege Chimera. Unlike previous seasons, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera features two operators from different counter-terrorist units, and instead of a new map, Chimera will add a limited-time co-op event to the game called Outbreak.

If you want to get caught up with everything coming to the game when Rainbow Six Siege Chimera launches, read on.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera operators

Rainbow six siege chimera

Thanks to an official blog post, we know that both Rainbow Six Siege Chimera operators will specialise in quarantine and biohazard, which suggests that they will both feature in the Outbreak co-op event.

The two Rainbow Six Siege Chimera operators come from two different nations – Russia and France – although it is not known which counter-terrorist units they hail from. The French operator will likely be from either GIGN or COS, while the Year 3 Russian operator could come from either Russia’s biohazard specialists, the Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops, or the Spetsnaz, who also have a history of dealing with chemical agents during the Moscow theatre hostage crisis.

As both Chimera operators have a biohazard focus, it is also likely that both operators will appear in Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, which hints at their abilities having both PvP and PvE usages.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera release date

rainbow six siege chimera

With two years of Rainbow Six Siege behind us, it becomes easier and easier to reliably predict when each new season will launch. The Rainbow Six Siege Chimera release date has not been officially announced. However, it should follow the same schedule of the previous season, White Noise, which was announced at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 Finals, released onto test servers two days later for a run of two weeks, released to Year 2 Pass owners for a week of an exclusive access before finally being made available to everyone.

The full Chimera reveal is slated for the February 18, 2018 during the Six Invitational 2018. Therefore, it is likely that Rainbow Six Siege Chimera will hit test servers on February 20 for two weeks, making the official Rainbow Six Siege Chimera release date March 6, 2018. Anyone who does not own a Year 3 Pass will be able to access it a week later on March 13. As Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak is the first co-op event Ubisoft have made for Rainbow Six Siege, it is hard to guess whether it will launch alongside the two Chimera operators, or at a later date so as not to overload players with new content.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Mission Outbreak

Plenty is already known about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak thanks to an official ARG. So far, the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak ARG has seen two maps – Oregon and Presidential Plane – updated with hidden notes and codes that can be pieced to form a password that unlocks corresponding files on the official Rainbow Leaks site.

While the ARG has hinted at where the co-op event will be set and roughly what threat the Chimera operators will be facing, exact details on the maps and game type of Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak remain elusive. Check out our Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak guide for a more detailed analysis of the ARG reveals.


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