‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ News: Analyst Michael Pachter Believes the Sequel Is Currently in Development


2017 came and went with the game “The Elder Scrolls 6” not being released. And while it seems that the same thing could happen this year, one noted analyst has hinted that there may be a big announcement related to the game shared before 2018 is up.

Speaking recently to GamingBolt, analyst Michael Pachter stated that he thinks the sequel is in development right now.

Pachter added that the game may even be released this year, potentially following an announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

It was unclear which bits of information have led Pachter to believe that the sequel could be made available as early as this year, but it is safe to say that there are a number of fans of the series hoping that he is right.

Fans have been waiting for this sequel to be announced for years now, and thus far, the folks from Bethesda Game Studios have yet to even hint at what kind of game it could be like.

It is worth noting that while Pachter has hinted that “The Elder Scrolls 6” could come out this year, the folks from Bethesda are not suggesting the same thing.

Bethesda vice president for PR and marketing Pete Hines has already fielded numerous questions about the aforementioned game, and he has maintained that it is still years away from being ready.

As for why the sequel is taking so long, Hines has also provided answers for that particular query.

During an earlier interview with GameSpot, Hines mentioned that the developers do not just want to be known as the people who worked on the “Fallout” and “Elder Scrolls” games.

Hines has also stated previously that the developers from Bethesda Game Studios have two other “major projects” they are working on ahead of the next “Elder Scrolls” title.

Numerous fans all over the world likely want to see “The Elder Scrolls 6” as soon as possible, but going by what the people from Bethesda are saying, it may not be ready for a while.


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