Final Fantasy XV: Switch Port Holding Back Kingdom Hearts 3?


Square Enix once said that they will go on full swing to develop Kingdom Hearts 3 but this is only when they are done with Final Fantasy XV. The latter was launched last year hence it makes it safe to assume that Square Enix has moved on to Kingdom Hearts 3’s development.

But on the contrary, recent announcements from Square Enix suggests that they are no through with Final Fantasy XV at all. The game developer made it known in December that their goal now is to port Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo Switch and they are also eyeing a new Final Fantasy game for mobile.

If this is to mean anything, Kingdom Hearts 3’s development is still on the waiting list thus reducing the chances for the game to debut this year.

Our only hope here is for Square Enix to have a small team of developers managing their newfound goals with Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy mobile and this is so that the big development team can work on Kingdom Hearts 3 undisturbed.


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