Pokemon GO Gen 3 Update: Seviper And Zangoose No Longer Region Locked


When first released on Pokemon GO, Gen 3 Pokemon Zangoose and Seviper can only be caught in certain areas. However, this appears to have changed as eports have been popping up in recent hours of people catching them outside their home regions.

Zangoose, which can only be caught in North America, South America and Africa, appears to have switch regions with Seviper, who can now be caught in Europe, Asia and Australia. The “Zangoose-Seviper region switch,” as some refer to the event, is currently the first of its kind making Zangoose and Seviper the first two region exclusives to migrate outside of a special event.

Niantic did announce that a migration will happen although they did not specify whether the change will be permanent. However, the region switch is too big to simply be a mistake on the part of Niantic which suggests something big is going on behind the scenes. After all, this isn’t the only “anomaly” being reported across the “Pokemon GO” community.

Trainers have been reporting that new Pokemon Go EX Raid invites have been sent out. The EX Raids are special given that it gives players to opportunity to capture the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo from a specific Gym. The team at the Silph Road has been tracking the latest invites and recently released the following statement via Pokemon Go Hub:

“The new EX Raid is scheduled around January 9th, but the actual time and date will depend on your local timezone and hours in which player activity is at its highest,” the team wrote. “According to data collected by The Silph Road, this wave of invites is again targeted at newcomers, with more than 50% of invites being first-time raiders. Additionally, trainer level seems to have a more and more influential role in the system, as the majority of invites was distributed to level 30+ Trainers.”

With so much going on, fans can probably expect more details about Niantic’s 2018 plans for “Pokemon GO” to be announced later on. This includes details about the next batch of Gen 3 Pokemon that will arrive at the game.


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