Pokemon GO Nerfs Upcoming Legendary Kyogre


While it was previously hinted that the next legendary raid for Pokémon GO was the Water-type Kyogre, players may now have more to go on; however, it may not be the news they were expecting. It seems that developer Niantic has decided that Kyogre may have been too OP and consequentially nerfed the legendary Pokémon.

Last month, Kyogre received the 9% CP reduction that all legendaries seem to undergo. This change reduced Kyogre’s maximum CP from 4874 to 4074, which is comparable to its land-based counterpart Groudon, yet the change just made by the Pokémon GO team may have been entirely unexpected. In its previous form, Kyogre was set up to be a powerful counter to Dragon-type Pokémon, but this change effectively undid that status.

Pokemon GO Kyogre promo

Previously, Kyogre’s list of fast moves included Dragon Tail and Waterfall, with Blizzard as its charge move. Niantic has decided to remove Dragon Tail from its move set, meaning that Kyogre loses its set-up as a valuable counter. This move would have made Kyogre more effective against current Dragon-type Pokémon such as Dragonite or potentially future legendary raids like Rayquaza, Latias, or Latios.

While this nerf is rather unfortunate, there is a silver lining. The fact that Niantic is refiguring Kyogre’s in-game stats and moves could mean that it will be appearing in-game soon. This means that anyone who has yet to defeat and catch Groudon may need to get on the ball, as it may not be around much longer. With the speed that Groudon replaced Ho-oh, players may reasonably expect Kyogre to follow Groudon quickly.

If Kyogre were to release today, the biggest downside would be that the weather system is currently broken for some players. These players, then, couldn’t benefit from the fan-favorite feature, but maybe Niantic will have this patched before Kyogre’s release. Meanwhile, players may want to ready a party to take on the legendary Water-type Pokémon, as it is sure to be a tough battle.


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