The Latest Overwatch PTR Patch Makes Some Significant Hero Updates


The latest update for the Overwatch Public Test Realm (PTR) has made balance changes to Junkrat and Mercy.

Both will be receiving nerfs, but Junkrat is getting off a little lighter of the two. Blizzard have deemed that his Concussion Mines are currently too powerful, making it too easy for him to output large amounts of burst damage over a large area.

To counter this, Concussion Mines have been given a damage fall-off based on range, so targets further away from the center of the blast will be dealt less damage.

The more significant changes, however, are those that Mercy is receiving.  The current meta has seen Mercy raised as the most dominant support, a near must-have in almost every team composition.

Blizzard are now looking to change that, with a significant nerf to Valkyrie, Mercy’s ultimate ability. Valkyrie will no longer make Resurrect and instant cast nor grant a bonus Resurrect charge, limiting her ability to resurrect many members of her team in a short space of time.

The speed boost that Guardian Angel receives has also been decreased by 50%, and the duration of Valkyrie reduced to 15 seconds, down from 20.

With how significant a role Mercy currently plays, the changes could be enough to see a significant meta shift. At the very least, support mains might look forward to a little more variety in their viable hero pool.

These adjustments are not yet final, however, and may see further tweaking on the PTR before they are pushed to the live game. That being said, Blizzard have clearly identified areas where adjustment is needed, and so fans of the two heroes’ current form should expect a nerf of some kind incoming.

For fans of professional play looking forward to a little more variety in the upcoming Overwatch League, the wait may be a little longer. San Francisco Shock player Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz revealed in a recent stream that the OWL would be played on a tournament realm on the current patch until at least February – meaning any updates that make it to the live game in the mean time will be delayed in reaching the league.


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