Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets New TV Spots, Japanese Beta Roster, and Cup Noodle Promotion


Square Enix has begun airing a pair of TV spots for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in Japan, in preparation for the game’s January release date. These short clips show brief snippets of Final Fantasy heroes and villains clashing, while a title call by Japanese actor Kenichi Endou plays. Square Enix also announced the roster of playable characters that will be available in the game’s Japanese beta, which you can find below.

dissidia final fantasy nt tv spot commercial trailer

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases in Japan on January 11th, so this is a prime opportunity for Japanese players to train up for this ultimate clash between good and evil. The Western release will follow soon after, on the 30th. You can check out both TV spots below.

Oh, last but not least: Square Enix is also doing another cross-promotion with Nissin Cup Noodles, allowing fans to receive Noctis’ Royal Rainment costume if they redeem a code contained within specially marked packages of noodles. So that’s… something?


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