Fallout 4 Gets Fan-Favorite New Vegas Mod


BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Bethesda noticed that players aren’t so fond of the post-apocalyptic landscape of Fallout 4 as it wanted them to be. Instead, they seem to opt for a wasteland instead of the remains of a city struck by nuclear winter. This means their favorite game in the series remains Fallout: New Vegas. Therefore, the company decided to allow the creation of a mod which mixes the two games together.

The mod will feature the game capabilities and strong engine of Fallout 4, and all these elements will be transposed in the deserted landscape of New Vegas. Everything will take place in the Mojave Desert, and the first mission takes place in Goodsprings, just like in the original New Vegas game.

However, the graphics and gameplay elements are not the only ones transferred from New Vegas to Fallout 4. The former features some elements which are a lot more typical for standard RPG games. Fallout 4 was less traditional in this sense, which might have driven some of the players away.

In case you yearned for the moral element of New Vegas, the Karma system is back. In case you’re not familiar with it, this system gives you good or bad rewards depending on how you act. This can have a great influence on your interaction with other characters, and your general in-game evolution.

Bethesda allowed the mod after receiving relatively bad feedback for Fallout 4

Bethesda actually decided to allow Obsidian Entertainment to go on with the mod after the feedback it received for Fallout 4. Players were mostly disappointed in the game, and regarded New Vegas as a lot better than it. This developer is well-known for developing RPG games, so it should guarantee a great experience.

When questioned about the release date of the Fallout 4 New Vegas mod, they didn’t answer too clearly. They don’t want to rush, and will take things easily with the development. However, developing a New Vegas with the Fallout 4 graphics might take a while, so the mod probably won’t be here too soon.


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