Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.0 Leaks With Browser And Youtube Features


Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.0 is bringing many features Switch users have asked for. A video surfaced that is allegedly showing the new features found in firmware 5 for the Switch. The demonstrated new features include Youtube, full web browser, cloud storage, chat rooms, themes and more.

Since the release of the Switch, users have asked for a web browser and Youtube. The Nintendo Switch firmware 5.0.0 is supposed to be released in February. Many doubt that the video, initially surfaced on Youtube, is legit. There are some inconsistencies in the UI. The video is likely though showing an internal release. Some sources of insiders have said that the video is fake, but here Nintendo could be behind it. There is no hard proof that the video is fake, but there is always the chance that somebody created an elaborate fake.

Besides Youtube, the firmware 5 also brings access to Twitch, Hulu and crunchyroll. You can find links to the video on filesharing sites on the GBATemp discussion thread about the leaked firmware 5.0.0.

It could also be that not all features are shown will be in one firmware update. Once Nintendo opens the Switch to video streaming sites and the internet, the Switch will also be the go-to media player. We expect Netflix on the Switch to be following soon too.


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