Overwatch style hero shooter Paladins getting battle royal mode


The battle royal genre became one of the biggest gaming genres in 2017 mostly thanks to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite so many companies want to jump into the battle royal train. Overwatch was a very popular game too so unsurprisingly many developers mostly indie developers tried to jump onto that train some of the games were complete rip-offs. Well, Paladins is one of those games that is inspired by Overwatch or as some people see it as an Overwatch rip off. Well, Paladin’s developers are going to release a PUBG style battle royal mode for there game.

If Paladin’s battle royal mode is release they might it might actually be able to compete with Fortnite because it’s a free to play game just like Fortnite and it’s available on PS 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Paladins has an advantage over Fortnite because it’s available on Mac too. Paladins new battle royal mode is called Battlegrounds and it will place 100 players in a big map and according to Paladin’s devs, the size of the battle royal map is 300x the size of the normal Paladins Siege map. Like PUBG players have to look for weapons but the only difference is that there is only squad mode. Players have to play in a squad of 4 and work together to be the last team standing. It’s not a complete PUBG rip off characters have abilities. It seems like the battle royal mode is like playing PUBG will Overwatch characters. The battle royal mode isn’t out yet but it seems like its going to be out soon because the trailer says “coming 2018”. The battle royal mode seems fun and many gamers are excited to play this new mode. Paladins is a free to play shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Right now Paladins has 6 different game modes “Siege”, “Payload”, “Survival”, “Co-op”, “Onslaught”, and “Test Maps”. The Survival game mode is very similar to a battle royal mode. In survival, players spawn in a tiny map and try to stay out of the fog that comes in from the sides of the map. The Fog closes in until it reaches the map’s epicenter where survivors are forced to fight the other team.


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