Rocket League: 40 Million Claim Is As Salty As It Gets!


Earlier today, the developers of Rocket League went public to reveal that the game had just achieved 40 million players worldwide. This is a massive accomplishment for Rocket League and it highlights on the popularity of the title.

But after we investigated on the claim further, we came to know that the numbers are not at all accurate. For starters, 40 million is not the number of concurrent players in the game. Instead, it is likely to be based on accounts.

In Rocket League, you can make multiple accounts and it would be shameful to brag about numbers without covering up this fact. Also, a large chunk of the 40 million claim took into account of every PS+ subscribers that has access to Rocket League but never really got into the game.

In short, the 40 million claims are purely salty and it isn’t something worth commending about. Otherwise, we would have seen Rocket League being the talk of town on the global scale.


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