Bungie Fixes Destiny 2 Collection Code Issue, Investigating Gunsmith Engram Shader Error


Bungie update through twitter about certain bugs the game faced recently. The tweet was about the Collection Code error and Gunsmith Engram Shader problem. Those who are facing problem in redeeming the collection code will have to retry it once again. Bungie updated that they had resolved the problem where users were facing expired issue while using the Collections Code.

So the problem is resolved and the for the second one which is related to Gunsmith Engrams that is not rewarding Shaders to players is under process. Bungie shared they are investigating the fix for this problem and will update the users in future once it is resolved. We had shared the tweet replies below.

These are just two problems that came into the notice, but there are still more where the developer has worked and offered the resolution. One them is Warlock Glitch that was reported last year. Bungie looks determined to work on a regular basis in offering proper fixes for various issues reported by the gamers. The game was released last year in September on PS4. Xbox One and PC.


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