Pokemon Go news round-up – Gen 3 latest, Ex Raid update, Pokemon region swaps

Pokemon Go trainers have been left thinking some big news could be coming soon. While not as big the Gen 3 release last month, some Trainers believe we could see some major tinkering being done to Raids in the popular Niantic game.First of all, there’s new speculation that both Celebi and Mew could be added to the game in 2018.Both have been found in the game’s code, and both are currently without capture rates.

It seems likely that these two special Pocket Monsters will be part of an upcoming Raid event, although nothing has been confirmed by Niantic, as of yet.

There’s also the chance that they are both primed to be new EX Raid Pokemon, available for when Mewtwo rotates out.

And it looks like Pokemon Go fans won’t have long to wait to find out if there have been big changes carried out on Raids.

Today a new wave of EX Raid passes have been sent out, mainly targeted first time raiders instead of experienced ones, according to the Pokemon Go Hub.

The invites sent out today were for an EX Raid scheduled for January 16, with another one is taking place tomorrow (January 9).

The raid taking place on Tuesday will also be mainly targeted at Pokemon Go newcomers.

The Pokemon Go news comes after fans were treated to a surprise last week, as two Gen 3 Pokemon switched places.Mirroring their famous rivalry in the Pokemon games and TV show, Gen 3 regional exclusives Seviper and Zangoose have now swapped places.UK players can now catch Zangoose, while Seviper has migrated to the US, Canada, South America and Africa.

With Niantic yet to make an official announcement, it’s unclear how long the switch will last.

There’s no mention of fellow regional exclusives Plusle and Minun, which are yet to switch.

Likewise, rare Gen 3 Pokemon Relicanth can only be found in the South Pacific.

Elsewhere, it’s been revealed that the new Pokemon Go content in December helped the game’s popularity surge back.

Pokemon Go helped create a surge of spending around the festive holidays, something that may have taken some by surprise.

While numbers of players may have dropped from the high watermarks of the past, that doesn’t mean it’s finished.

In fact, it appears the release of the new Gen 3 Pokemon, paired with the launches of Weather Effects, new AR features and loot boxes, created a massive surge for Niantic.

Apple recently revealed that its App Store made $890 million in revenue, the week beginning Christmas Eve.


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