Pokemon GO Players Turn Against EX Raid System


When Niantic announced the Pokemon GO EX Raid system, it was pitched as a way of rewarding committed players for their time spent in the game. By being invite-only, it meant that only those who play the game regularly would be able to take part in the battles which offer a chance to catch hard to get Pokemon such as Mewtwo.

But not everyone is happy with the gameplay feature and one popular Pokemon GO player has now taken a stand. On Twitter, Pokemon GO YouTuber Reversal tweeted that he is “done with this EX-Raid Pass System,” saying that it kills his motivation to play the game. It seems that the game keeps failing to give Reversal passes for EX Raid battles. A new wave of invites was sent out in the last week and an EX Raid did happen at a Gym where Reversal regularly takes part in Raids, but still, the YouTuber missed out.

Reversal is “taking a [sic] indefinite break from #PokemonGO” as a result of ongoing frustration surrounding the EX Raid battles. In a follow-up tweet, the Pokemon GO player confirmed that he will return to the game eventually, but he is taking a break right now.

Reversal is not the only one who feels this way. For months Pokemon GO players have complained about the EX Raid battle system, saying that they too are fed up with the way that passes are being sent out. Many have taken aim at the random way that the passes are given out and want to know what they are doing wrong or how they can improve their chances of getting one.

Niantic, for its part, did vow to change the EX Raid invite system and tweak the way that passes are being sent out. The EX Raid system is currently in testing and fans had hoped that Niantic would work to address this problem area quickly before the full launch of the feature. But clearly, this hasn’t happened yet and even high profile players like Reversal are having their doubts about the game.

If Niantic is still planning fixes for the invite system, then many will agree that these need to be rolled out soon. Pokemon GO players have already said that they are unhappy with the current state of the game and aren’t optimistic about its future. Niantic can’t afford to upset players anymore but an overhaul of the way that EX Raid passes are sent out could get fans back onside.


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