Pokémon GO support to soon end for older iPhones, iPads


Developers at Niantic have announced that they are soon ending support for Apple devices, which are incapable of upgrading to iOS 11 in an upcoming update for Pokémon GO. Which means, if you haven’t upgraded your iPhone ever since 2013, you may no more be able to catch ‘em all.

The developers explain that this is being done because there are a few improvements that have been coming to Pokémon GO that are pushing the app beyond the capabilities of older versions of the mobile operating system. Therefore, starting February 28, Pokémon GO players on affected devices will no longer be able to log into their accounts or use items in-game.

Trainers using affected devices will need to switch to a device that meets our supported device requirements to continue to access Pokémon GO. Trainers who attempt to access Pokémon GO using any of the devices listed above will no longer be able to sign in and will see a message stating that they need to switch to a supported device,” Niantic explains on a support page.

The affected devices include iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad third and fourth generation, iPad Mini first generation and the iPad 2.
In case your device is not among the listed one, there is no additional action required to be taken. You will continue to be able to access Pokémon GO without interruption.

While Niantic doesn’t say which specific improvements are making the listed devices obsolete, the addition of an AR+ mode that utilizes Apple’s ARKit technology was the first sign thatPokémon GO was leaving old devices behind.


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