Destiny 2 Director: We Need More Weapons That Matter


A day after a detailed developer update telling fans the features and changes they should expect to see hit Destiny 2 in the year to come, game director Chris Barrett took to Twitter to talk more about weapons in the game and how they need to matter both in terms of power and the pursuit to acquire them. He also dropped hints about changes to weapons that used to occupy Destiny 1‘s Special weapon slot and promised that Bungie is working away at these changes.

It’s a good direction to hear considering a common critique of Destiny 2 has been the new weapon system, which (when compared to Destiny 1) gave players two Primary weapons and combined Special and Heavy weapons into one Power weapon slot. That, in addition to a collection of exotic weapons that don’t necessarily feel any more powerful than Legendary weapons, has led to a loss of the power fantasy in the game. Players are feeling less powerful than they did in Destiny 1 but with any luck, Barrett’s communication will at least set the path to fixing some of those problems.

In his tweet, Barrett also mentions another gripe fans have had: acquiring weapons oftentimes feels less exciting than it did in Destiny 1. There is no Gjallarhorn to chase in Destiny 2 or any exotic quests like the fan favorite Outbreak Prime puzzle.


Barrett didn’t go into specifics regarding how exactly these goals will be met in the future, but he did say this change to making weapons matter more may “not have come across strong enough in the update. The sandbox team is an amazingly talented group and are hard at work on changes.”

In the development update, Barrett mentioned that the sandbox team would talk more about a sandbox and balancing update as Season 3 drew closer, and that more would come in the fall or sooner to address weapon slots and archetypes. Many fans are already theorizing that Destiny 2 may eventually return to the Primary/Special/Heavy weapon slots of the original game, but we will have to wait for Bungie to reveal exactly what its plan is in that regard.


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