Pokemon GO Adds New Limited-Time Legendary Pokemon


When it was discovered that the regular and shiny Kyogre assets were added to Pokemon GO, gamers around the world knew that the legendary water-type would release soon. However, it seems unlikely that gamers foresaw this early of an arrival – a day after the assets’ discovery. It is now official: Kyogre has been introduced as a raid in the game.

Since Kyogre is a Water-type legendary, players will want to stack up on the key types that are super-effective against Water Pokémon, namely Electric- and Grass-type. Pokémon GO players will want to avoid tackling Kyogre in the rain and using Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokémon in combat against it. Moreover, those gamers wishing to challenge Kyogre will also need to the aid of other players to complete the raid.

Kyogre’s release follows its ground-based counterpart Groudon, which will remain in the game until January 15th. This fact means gamers who have yet to catch and defeat Groudon still have a few days to do so, but they will need to act quickly. Kyogre is quick to wash Groudon away, as Kyogre remains until February 14, giving gamers slightly longer than a month to add the new limited-time legendary to their collection.

Moreover, while Groudon is set to remain only a few more days, Mewtwo is set to hang around a little longer – to many players’ dismay. Pokemon GO YouTuber Reversal took to Twitter to complain about the EX Raid System, which is echoed by many players. Hopefully, Niantic will address this and other concerns soon, but for now, Mewtwo remains locked behind the EX Raid system.

At the very least, Kyogre has finally made its appearance in the game. Although it received a rather brutal nerf from Niantic, it seems likely that many players will still be clamoring to complete this raid. Nerfed or not, it is still sure to be a difficult battle, so be prepared to face the full might of this Water-type legendary.


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